Hi there. My name is McKenzie Saunders and my two passions in life are baking and dancing. I know, kind of a weird combination, but I can be creative in both, which I love! I am a homeschool graduate (2021), and I believe that being home schooled allowed me to pursue my baking career, which started at the age of 13! I baked my mom some cupcakes to take to a church meeting (my now best selling Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes), and someone there asked if she could hire me to bake her some. Of course I said yes. That was the start of Cutie Pie Cupcakes. The name came from my nickname that my mom gave me when I was young, Cutie Pie.

At first I just baked cupcakes, but after a few years I had the desire to decorate cakes. Once I started, that part of my business really took off. Then I started decorating sugar cookies. I also do other desserts, too. Check out our custom page on my website to find all of our offerings. 

I purchased a food trailer at the age of 17, which is fully functional that I take to events and sell cupcakes out of and I also sell out of it in my front yard. It’s like a mini bakery! But I believe the most important reason for this business that God has given me is that I am able to help support orphans and needy children in Uganda. For every dozen of cupcakes that I sell (or equivalent amount), I am able to help feed 4 children for a day in Uganda! My family runs a non profit called Shared Hope for Orphans Worldwide and I donate a portion of everything I make to that charity to help feed the kids in Uganda. And I also sponsor a child to go to school there. God has blessed me so I am just trying to give back some of that to those less fortunate.


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